How does collagen improve your skin health?

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to have healthy skin?

The latest skincare trends are ever-changing, and women have been known to adapt and improve their skincare routine to follow these trends. One of them is called “skinimalism” – what this means is that more people are embracing their natural skin and not using make-up to hide their skin. This trend got popular due to an increase in women wearing lesser make-up and reducing the number of items in their skincare routine.


The reason that this is trending now is because excessive skincare routines have been shown to cause a compromised skin barrier, skin redness, irritation, and acne.


So, how do you know when you have healthy skin? Signs of healthy skin include:


  1. Moisturised Skin 
  2. High Skin Elasticity
  3. No Wrinkles
  4. Natural Glow
  5. Even Skin Tone
  6. Youthful Looking Skin


Having healthy skin is so important because it is the largest organ of the body, and because it’s one of the first things other people see. But other than its importance in forming one’s appearance, it also holds body fluids to prevent dehydration, while keeping harmful microbes out to prevent infections.


Apart from using skincare products to improve and maintain skin health topically, there are also other steps that can be done to keep your skin healthy from the inside out.


The first thing to do is to watch what you consume. Ensuring that a balanced and healthy diet is important as the food that nourishes your body, affects the health of your skin. Vegetables like tomatoes have skin cancer prevention benefits, and consuming omega-3 rich foods help to prevent dryness and scaling of the skin.


Next, your stress levels are also affected by what happens in your daily lives. Hence, it’s important to ensure that your stress levels are kept low. You can take up stress-relieving activities such as yoga and meditation to help lower stress levels.


Of course, consuming collagen supplements play a huge part in maintaining healthy skin from the inside out. Numerous studies have proven that collagen helps to strengthen skin, increase elasticity and maximise skin hydration. Studies have also shown that collagen peptides and supplements aid in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and skin dryness. Consuming collagen supplements will stimulate the body’s natural collagen metabolism to produce more collagen on its own, slowing wrinkle development and repairing the skin.


There are many collagen supplements in the market, but which collagen supplement should you try? There are many different types of collagen – powdered collagen, hydrolyzed collagen, jelly collagen. But choosing a collagen supplement without proper research means that you may not be choosing the one with the best and highest absorption. Hence, choosing a good medical grade collagen supplement is very important as you need to know how effective it would be for you.


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