CNY 2022


Step 1

Click on the "Rewards" icon on the bottom right of your screen


Step 2

For a new registration, select "Create an account."
For members just select login and key in your credentials (Skip to step 4)

Step 3

Input your information and click confirm

Step 4

You will be brought back to your main screen, click on rewards again to view your points.

CNY Point List

Action Points (pts)

Create an account

1888 pts

Make a purchase

20 pts / $1 spent

Celebrate a Birthday

888 pts

Facebook Like

888 pts

Facebook Share

1888 pts

Instagram Follow

888 pts

CNY Rewards List


Points (pts)

$100 off discount (CNY2022)

8888 pts

$50 off discount (CNY2022)

4888 pts

$5 off discount

500 pts

$10 off discount

1000 pts

$25 off discount

2500 pts